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Do you like music, great entertainment and amazing food? Join the club!
The stage is a place, in which you can feel the vibrants of lively city. The meeting point, occasional parties with great music, conferences, business events. And since recently the place, where you can get tasty food.

We create a space, in which you can feel freely. An open place, full of honest emotions. You can play here billiard, listen to good rock tunes (as well live music) or support during sport events broadcasting. By dropping in on The Stage, you can broaden your horizons - by taking part in conferences, trainings, workshops and charitable events. One of our club’s walls is dedicated to mini gallery - but this is another story.

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The Stage is primarily...


We offer breakfasts, lunches and individual, composed menu to celebrate occasional party (wedding parties or birthday). Each year we organise loud New Year’s Eve party.

At our bar you can drink favourite and original drinks.


We are full of enthusiasm team of young people. We do like what we do, but our interests last beyond. Seriously. Talk to us at the bar.

Club regulations

Club regulations

1. Guests renting a billiard table take full responsibility for its condition at the time of taking it over and guarantee that after the end of the rental, its condition will be no worse than before the start of the game. They also bear full responsibility for narrow types of damage or destruction.
2. Billiard tables and other billiard accessories available in our club are devices of the highest quality and can be used by professionals to play world-class tournaments. Therefore, Dear Guest, in order to ensure the high quality of the game, we ask you to handle the pool table, balls, cues or other equipment needed for the game in accordance with their intended use and respecting the game of billiards.
3. We do not place drinks, food or anything else on the table or boards. It is also strictly forbidden to sit on billiard tables.
4. Remember that billiards is a sport for gentlemen. If we have harmed someone by hitting them, we should apologize. If someone asks to make the game easier by moving, we should comply.
5. The Stage is a meeting place for cultural people. Please use the furniture in accordance with its intended purpose. For example, you can safely place a mug of beer on the table next to the window, but sitting on it is unacceptable.
6. Please be polite when using the toilet. We also mark the items located there - they are there to be used as intended. It is absolutely forbidden to sit on billiard tables, even if they are covered with tops. The most unforgivable thing is putting shoes on tops or on dresses. Let's also remember the rule that at least one foot must be in contact with the ground.
8. Price list of damage caused by the Guest (paid at the bar on the day of the damage or after the damage has been assessed by an expert (regarding the last point):
Damage, permanent dirt or significant wetting of cloth requiring replacement or professional cleaning: PLN 1,200
Permanent damage to the frame or top of a billiard table: PLN 4,000
Damage to a billiard cue: PLN 100
Losing or destroying a billiard ball: PLN 150
Destruction of the ball stacking triangle: PLN 50
Breaking the glass: PLN 500
Damage to the countertop near the window: PLN 300
Permanent damage to the stool (high bar stool): PLN 400
Permanent damage to other movable or immovable property belonging to the premises: according to the valuation of a neutral appraiser.
These are the costs that we, as a club, would have to incur if our equipment was destroyed, so to avoid such situations, we ask you to respect our equipment.
9. It is not possible to refund money to a Guest who is dissatisfied with the conditions or course of the game.
10. We do not bring our own drinks or food into the premises. The premises staff has the right to ask a Guest to leave if he or she does not comply with this point.
11. The staff has the right to ask people to leave the club if they behave inappropriately, are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and cause problems or are aggressive.
12. Each Guest of The Stage accepts these regulations upon crossing the threshold of the premises.
We wish the Manager and THE STAGE Team a pleasant time

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